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At Ballyholme we offer a range of courses for powerboating from our experienced instructors.

If you have never powerboated before or have some experience on the water, we would recommend doing the RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course. If you are not sure which course is for you then please contact one of our instructors at powerboat-training@ballyholme.com

This is our most popular powerboat course as is often the starting point to anyone intersted in learning to drive a powerboat. It is also a great course for those with some experience but want to become a more confident and capable driver.

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The safety boat course provides the skills needed to act as a safety boat for racing or training events. It covers a wide range of rescue techniques and elements of race managment such as mark laying.

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If you have experience on the water but do not have a powerboat qualification then you can organise a direct assessment.

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Interested in getting some more experience on the water with one of our instructors or want to refresh your Powerboat Level 2 skills. Please email powerboat-training@ballyholme.com to discuss.

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