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Call for Volunteers - On and Off the Water - 27 July - 3 August 2024

Rescue Roles

Top left, bottom right – show equipment checks and registration at the 2023 Championships hosted in Poland, photos courtesy Thom Tuow,

The 2024 ILCA 6 Youth European Championships, to be hosted by Ballyholme Yacht Club  27 July – 3 August, is shaping up to be Northern Ireland’s largest ever sailing event. With more than 400 competitors plus their boats and support crews, we need a full-strength event team to ensure that the championship runs smoothly and our visitors leave Bangor and Northern Ireland with only the best of impressions.

The organisers are delighted and grateful to the many people who have already committed, but there are still roles and time slots to be filled! Whether you can donate just a few hours, a half day here and there or give the event more, we want to hear from you!

There are opportunities to help on and off the water, jobs that require boating experience and occasionally certifications, and there are jobs that just require a willing spirit and welcoming smile for our visitors.

Reasons to volunteer at the Youth European Championships:

  • Meet people
  • Be part of the buzz
  • Add the experience to your college or job applications
  • Credits for Duke of Edinburgh and other awards
  • Practice your European languages!
  • Help us to give our visitors the very best impression of their visit to BYC, Bangor and Northern Ireland.

If you could spare any time to help, please register your interest by completing the form below indicating your availability, preferred roles and if applicable, the relevant certifications.

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We really appreciate your help as these events could not happen without your support.

General Roles

Site Team

  • Dates: Thu 18 July (clear grounds), Fri 19 July (big set up day), Sat 20 July (finish set up), Sun 4 Aug (take down)
  • Overview: Prepare the site for the event and take down after.  Tasks include moving any remaining boats not alread removed, setting up crowd control barriers, setting up tables and signage.

Marshals and Event Hosts

  • Dates: Friday 26 July - Sat 3 August - various time slots
  • Overview: Providing general assistance and guiding competitors in and out of boat parks and assisting at events such as the Opening Parade (Sunday 28), Mid Week BBQ and Prize Giving.

Admin - Registration / Race Office

  • Dates: Friday 26 July - Sat 3 August - various time slots (minimum half day)
  • Overview:  Registering competitors and supporting the Race Office crew on race days

Volunteer Support Team

  • Dates: Fri 19 July, Saturday 27 July - Sat 3 August - various time slots
  • Overview:  Helping coordinate volunteers, serving coffee and tea refreshments for volunteers


  • Dates: Tue 23 July - Sun 4 August - various time slots
  • Overview: Driving international jury team from the Premier Inn hotel to BYC in the mornings, and driving them back in the evenings. Collecting and dropping at the airports at the start and finish of the event.

Media (PR and Social Media) Reps

  • Dates: Sunday 28 July - Saturday 4 August - various time slots
  • Overview: Working with the team from the European ILCA organisation to share race results and news on social media and to the media, help host media visits.


Roles Requiring Boat / Race experience

Shore - Equipment Check Assistants

Dates: Thursday 25 July–Saturday 27 July
Overview: Support the official measurers as they check competitor equipment. Will involve tasks such as rolling up sails.

Shore -  Tally Board

Dates: Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August,

Overview:  Providing support in tallying competitors on and off the water.

Shore - Beach Team

Dates: Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August,

Overview: Assisting competitors with launch and retrieval of dinghies

Race Management - on the water

  • Dates: Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August, full day(s)
  • Overview: Wind observers, recorders, videographers and crew required to be stationed on the committee, pin-end and finish boats to support the Race Officers.

Safety Boat Team - on the water

  • Dates: Race period - Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August, full day(s) and Before Event - 22nd to 26th July / After Event - 4th to 9th August
  • Mark Laying Team  - Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August, full day(s)
    These volunteers will carry and lay course marks from their boat. We seek volunteers with previous experience in this role and ideally those who have attended pre-event mark laying training event. Those on this team will hold PB2 qualification as a minimum.
  • Rescue Team - Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August, full day(s)
    The rescue team will ensure safety on the race courses under guidance of the ESO and CSL. Duties include covering launch of fleets, observing an assigned leg of the course and ensuring all competitors return to shore. Team members will have PB2 qualification as a minimum. Ideally you will also hold a valid First Aid qualification as well as RYA Safety Boat. There are pre-event First Aid courses available for event volunteers. If we have too many volunteers for BYC boats you may be assigned a crew role in boat helping from another club.
  • Ferry Team - Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August, full day(s)
    This is a team of volunteers who will have PB2 qualification. They will be available at BYC to bring people in and out from BYC jetty to boats anchored in Ballyholme bay.
  • Fuel Team  - Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August, full day(s)
    This team will restock supplies of fuel for official event boats. They will be primarily be based at BYC but may also need to travel to Bangor Marina. We are seeking those to can distribute fuel to official boats, record fuel issued along with those who can drive to local garage to refill jerry cans.
  • Jetty Team - Sunday 28 July - Sat 3 August, full day(s)
    The team will be based ashore and will help ensure the use of BYC Jetty is kept for permitted boats. This team may also represent the event and support official boats at Bangor Marina.
  • Rib Tow Team - Before Event - 22nd to 26th July / After Event - 4th to 9th August
    This team will handle the transport of some ribs which will arrive in Belfast docks unaccompanied. They will need towed to BYC before and launched before the event and returned following the end of the end. We are seeking drivers who will need access to a vehicle with tow bar and have required towing category on license. Also seeking non-drivers to assist and accompany.


ILCA 5 Youth European Championships
Youth European Championships 2024
Organised by Ballyholme Yacht Club
Organised by EurILCA

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