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BYC Treasure Hunt

The second annual BYC Treasure Hunt was won for the second year by the ‘McCullough Rocks’, collecting a massive 98.5 points out of a potential 116 points in the one hour time limit. Second place was taken by ‘BallyDoha’ with 64 points and third place by Pippa’s Pirates with 61 points. Other competing teams included Alfie’s Heros, CL2, Kings for the Day, Villainn Kids, The Minions and Team Pikachu, all who completed the challenge with great scores.

Teams could score an additional 10 points with a the Bonus Photo Challenge where competitors had to recreate the Jubilee Balcony Scene Photo. Check the Facebook Group to see these masterpieces!


Could you beat the winners? Download the Treasure Hunt below!

If you would like to do the Treasure Hunt you can! Simply  download the clues here with the map, and the answers here. See if you can beat the winners’ scores within an hour time limit!

How it works: The map markers show you where you can find the answer to each clue with the clue number being the number in the black marker, and the score you can earn showing in the white circle. You don’t have to do the course in any particular order, the strategy is to figure out how you can gain the most points in the time limit. Note that adults should be on foot, but kids can use wheels. And note that the McCullough Rocks ran the whole course, therby achieving their stunning result! Of course over time some clues might get moved, but we hope you’ll get to enjoy the challenge.

First Place – McCullough Rocks

2nd Place – BallyDoha
3rd Place – Pippa’s Pirates

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