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‘Active Period’ Restrictions

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‘Active Period’ Restrictions

Following the publication of the latest RYA NI COVID guidelines, an extraordinary meeting of the Sailing Committee took place on Wednesday evening. In order to comply with those guidelines and observe the RYA mantra of being considerate and conservative, and being mindful of those club members (and partners) who are at the frontline in providing medical or social care, we have yet again had to make some difficult decisions regarding the sailing programme and use of the club facilities.

The following points summarise the decisions and actions taken, and I would be grateful for the cooperation of all members as we endeavour to come through this pandemic without putting at risk our own, our family’s or other members health.

  • Clubhouse and club changing facilities are closed.
  • The Icebreaker Series has been suspended until restrictions are lifted or altered such that we can re-start in a meaningful and safe way.
  • Scheduled sailing sessions for groups of 15 will be made available 7 days per week. These should be pre-booked on the website as before.
  • The Beat Racing App has BYC courses 1-6 programmed from earlier in the year – this will allow informal racing to take place.
  • Some of the on-water sessions will be set aside for other users, such as the already organised swimming event. SUPers however are asked to launch from the beach.
  • The Club COVID Risk Assessment has been updated
  • Boat owners who wish to work on their boats (in the North Park) may do so whilst observing social distancing and other relevant COVID guidelines.
  • When the on-water group is for Cadets, a parent/guardian may accompany and assist with rigging, socially distancing from other family groups. Parents may stay on the premises whilst the kids are on the water, observing the requisite COVID guidelines.
  • Rescue cover will be an integral part of the organised Cadet sessions.
  • Rescue cover will be provided for certain sessions on with Sat or Sun, however that will reduce the group size to 14 plus 1 rescue volunteer.
  • All members using the club facilities need to conduct a “pre-attendance symptom check”. If in doubt, please do not use the club.

Sailing Sessions for this weekend should be booked here.

Cadet sailing sessions for Saturday 24th October should be booked here.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Rob Milligan

Rear Commodore Sailing, on behalf of the Sailing Committee.




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