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Joining Ballyholme Divers

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Ballyholme Dive Team is a BSAC registered club and is based at Ballyholme Yacht Club.  The club has use of the club RIBs plus an onsite air compressor and oxygen for NITROX blending.  We also can use the facilities provided by BYC, such as the showers and the bar and galley. By joining a BSAC club, you will get all the advantages of learning and diving in a vibrant club atmosphere with the added benefits of social activities and ongoing training and support. As club member you are also entitled to the full range of BSAC membership benefits.

Joining Procedure

To become a member of Ballyholme Dive Team follow this two step procedure:

1) BSAC membership:

BSAC membership forms can be obtained from the Membership Secretary, a single direct debit payment to BSAC is the preferred method of payment

2) Ballyholme Yacht Club (BYC) membership:

As we dive out of BYC you will need to join the Yacht Club, you will also need to be seconded by two current serving members of the club this can be done by bringing your form down on a Thursday night for completion. You will need to be seconded by two current serving members of the club

Crossover Divers. You will already be a qualified diver, either from PADI or the SAA, so will have some diving experience and probably some equipment.  You may need to upgrade some elements of your training to BSAC standard and have training in diving in a dry suit, if you have only dived abroad.  Each case will be individually assessed by our Training Officer and an individual plan put into place to get you to the same standard as a BSAC qualified diver. New Entrant You have no diving qualifications, you may have tried diving on holiday or be totally new, either way you will be assessed by out Training Officer and started as a new Trainee Diver in the club.  You will probably have no equipment, (maybe just basic masks, snorkels and fins), but you will be able to swim reasonably well and have no fear of being sub merged in water. Equipment The club does not currently hold any equipment for use by trainees, but instead members lend their equipment to the trainees for training purposes in the pool training sessions.  Once a trainee reaches the stage of open water diving they will be expected to either purchase or hire there own equipment. Training. The Training Officer will design a training plan in line with the BSAC diving qualification.

  • Ocean Diver
  • Sports Diver
  • Dive Leader
  • Advanced Diver

Training will be a mixture of:

  • Classroom based learning (Ballyholme Yacht Club)
  • Pool exercises (Swimming Pool)
  • Open water diving under supervision.

Try Dives Throughout the year the club may advertise Try Dives at local swimming pools to attract new members.