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Many of the things that happen daily at Ballyholme YC are run by members who volunteer their services.

Sailing events – Club racing and Open racing events – are totally run by volunteers as are Social events, Cadet events, Diving events etc…

The Club is run by 3 main committees – the Executive, the Sailing and the Social Committees which consist of volunteer members and meet monthly throughout the year. There are other sub-committees that also require volunteer members – Training, Cadet, Social, Diving.

For Sailing, we have a Duty Roster for those helping with Club Points racing – both on the Battery and on Rescue. For other sailing events, there is normally an “Event Organiser” who will ask amongst the membership for volunteers for each event. For the F18 World Championship in 2014, we had over 160 Volunteers including some non-members through Volunteer Now.

There are many other duties required around the Clubhouse and Grounds that fall under the eye of the Shore Committee. Social events often fall under the responsibility of the Captain.

When you join, you will normally be asked what type of volunteering you would like to do. We expect all memebrs to help in some way, however big or small. If you have any particular skills that may help the Sailing or Shore Committees or would like to get involved in any particular aspect of the Club, please let the relevant Rear Commodore’s know and they will be very happy to enrol you on whatever task is currently required.

Alternatively, please email with your details.


Volunteers currently required:


Opportunities for Volunteering Elsewhere: