RYA Powerboat Level 2 Direct Assessment-

If you feel that you have the skills and knowledge for your level 2 certificate and do not want to do a full course you can enter your direct assessment which involves a 3-5 hour session with an instructor after which you will recieve your Powerboat Level 2 Certificate if you are at the correct standard for Level 2 boat handling and theory knowledge.

Candidates should have the equivalent of at least one full season’s powerboat handling experience.

Books for the Powerboat Level 2 can be sent prior to the assessment.

Boat Handling Assessment

The assessment for boat handling will be similar to the course below-

Theory Assessment-

Candidates should have a theory knowledge for that of a Level 2 course.

A full Level 2 syllabus can be found here

Booking an Assessment-

Please contact one of our instructors at powerboat-training@ballyholme.com to organise an assessment