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On Thursday 22nd February, we will be hosting an Open Members Night when we would like to see all of our members – young and old – come down to the club and find out how they can get more involved.

Nothing happens in the club – big or small, one-off or regular, – without help from our fantastic membership so please come along and hear from the various team leaders as to what each little role might involve.

Various roles to help the Shore and Sailing Committee, Training, Rescue and Marklayers, Social Committee, Cadet Committee, House and Grounds, Boat Parks, Committee Boats, Battery, Race Officers, Protest Committee, Ballyholme Dive Team, Open Water Swimming/ Eddie Skelly Seals, Kayaking, Event  Management and bidding, Galley – breakfasts and tucck shops, club development, sponsorship, grant applications, Centenary Celebrations, Beachmastr, Dolphins and Sharks, Small Sailors,   Flowers, Gardens, future help with Sailability, possible Junior Triathlon club, and many other little roles that I haven’t thought about.

And hopefully there will be a lot of craic along the way, lots of new friends and a feeling of fulfilment in 12 months time when we see how much our club can achieve.

  • 22nd February 2018
    19:00 - 21:00