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(Cadets Only!)

Hello this is Jess Winton!!I am the CADET ONLY page administrator with my glamorous assistant Katie Shivers. We both sail Topper 4.2s, we both started sailing around the age of 8 at BYC (even though you can start any age) and we both LOVE sailing!!! 

We would be greatly obliged if you had a look at this page regularly because we will be updating it whenever we can. If you are 18 or under and a Ballyholme YC cadet member please keep in touch via with the subject line “Cadets only”. That would be awesome. 

Jess and Katie Jan. 2015

This is me (Jess) on the right and Katie (the glamorous assistant) on the left.


Hello guys!  Sorry I haven’t updated the page in a while, I have a huge amount of school work to get through, you know, French and stuff.

Anyway, there is a Pirate Parade coming up soon (Monday 6th April) and our very own BYC is taking part. We’re the only participating club that has a boat, so the whole pirate theme is going to work great. We need people to take part, so come on down.

The Easter Refresher course is also coming up and that’s also starting on Monday 6th. Twelve Places out of eighteen are taken, so there are still six left!

By the way, we’re starting  a sea life corner, so if you’ve seen something interesting by the sea, take a photo and send it to Alice. I’ll get it started with this picture of the octopus I found under the rocks by the slip way:


They have two eyes and four pairs of arms with suckers. They have a hard beak, with the mouth at the center point of the arms.

Octopi have no internal or external skeleton, allowing them to squeeze through tight places. Many stay in cracks between rocks or corals when they are not hunting. They are intelligent predators with a taste for crabs.


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